Week 4 Pains, Gains, Detox and Chocolate Bites!!!

This was a rough week for training but I pulled it off with a few sistahs of BGR! Columbia. I tell you what though…I’m so glad the holiday break is over (said no one ever…right) because getting back on track with my early morning runs was a priority for this week.  Well, I woke up Monday morning around 430 am (actually the alarm woke me up) and needless to say I just wanted to go back to sleep.  So what did I do?

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Week 3: Running, Old/New Friends and What Now!?!

As I’m sure you are aware….my running week restarts every Monday. Some days I have to fight with my inner self to get up and just go, but other days not so much. The first week of Christmas break was awesome…I stayed in North Augusta, SC and was able to link up with my sole sistahs of BGR! Augusta (click here for a recap of last week).   Here it was the last week of break, and I was struggling to get up to go out for an early morning run (looking forward to going back to work and getting life back on track (did I just say that LOL)).  It’s never hard for me to get up to run with someone else but week 3 was a challenge for me.  I was back home and the weather sucked the first couple of days during the week and as you are quite aware…nothing ever goes as planned….

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Week 2: Not Enough Days In This Week

Running this week was almost non-existent.  Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking.  I haven’t lost my mojo (again/yet).  Very much still dedicated to the sport (YEAH running is a sport).  It just wasn’t enough days in this week… especially with me traveling and the rain (OK, yes I run in the rain but this was a downpour).

Well if you read last week’s post, you probably figured I was traveling back home on Monday from an AWESOME weekend in Maryland.  Needless to say I didn’t get a run in on that day.  Figured I would just do it on Friday since all I had to do was ride the bike.  But things never go as planned (story of my life)….

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Week 1: Lost in Unfamiliar Territory and Birthday Surprises…Beep Beep Beep

Monday was day one of my four week training plan (first phase of 12-week training) and I just happened to be in Cary, North Carolina (close to Raleigh) of all places. I arrived in Cary around 10 o’clock Sunday evening. I knew I was going to meet up with the BGR! Raleigh crew, so I wanted to turn in and be ready for my 5:00 am run. Such a great feeling knowing that you can go to a city and have a group of sole sistahs to meet up with and run run run. Woke up that morning with no issues…I was ready!!!


Even with the weather being 34 degrees, nothing was going to stop me from getting my run on (Missy’s Get Your Freak On just popped in my head 🙂 ). I was excited for two reasons; first, I was starting my training plan that my running coach created (working on speed baby) and second, I’m in a new city and I have someone to run with. #WINNING

Wrong…I got lost 😦 …

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Running, Yorkies and Playbills…Finally Race Week is Complete!!!!

Yes I have turned things around and still on my natural high!!! It’s amazing what you can do when you focus and shift your energy.  Well I was supposed to start the week off with a 7 mile run on Monday.  I jumped up, got dressed and headed outside.  I’m ready!!!

photo 3 (1)

Nothing seemed to work for me that morning…

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