Week 1: Lost in Unfamiliar Territory and Birthday Surprises…Beep Beep Beep

Monday was day one of my four week training plan (first phase of 12-week training) and I just happened to be in Cary, North Carolina (close to Raleigh) of all places. I arrived in Cary around 10 o’clock Sunday evening. I knew I was going to meet up with the BGR! Raleigh crew, so I wanted to turn in and be ready for my 5:00 am run. Such a great feeling knowing that you can go to a city and have a group of sole sistahs to meet up with and run run run. Woke up that morning with no issues…I was ready!!!


Even with the weather being 34 degrees, nothing was going to stop me from getting my run on (Missy’s Get Your Freak On just popped in my head 🙂 ). I was excited for two reasons; first, I was starting my training plan that my running coach created (working on speed baby) and second, I’m in a new city and I have someone to run with. #WINNING

Wrong…I got lost 😦 …

Knowing how my cell phone is currently setup, (yes I know I need a new one but that watch tho) I wrote the directions to the meetup down on paper. What I forgot to do was notate whether or not I was to travel east or west on Airport Blvd.  So I ended up taking the wrong one. No worries, I’ve had worst Monday’s (remember that Monday when my son left all the lights on in my car). Well, I arrived at my destination (Lowes Food) about 15 minutes late, so I was sure the ladies were already a good mile or two into their run. WRONG, when I got there no one else was there…well that’s ok (yeah I know, that was a shocker to me also…because you know I hate running alone).


Having a plan made running alone very easy that morning. I knew I had a job to do and I wanted to get it done. My goal for day one was to run six miles at my conversation pace (8’45). My watch kept beeping every other second it seemed…indicating that I needed to slow down ….but I didn’t mind…it was great having a reminder to keep me focused.  I really felt this run….and it even gave me love back (check out the love on the map…all heart baby).


Day 2 of my training started out great. Jumped up, got dressed and met the BGR! Raleigh Cary Cuties for a 3-4 mile run.  Such a warm welcome from an AWESOME group of ladies.


The goal for this run was to do a one mile warm-up/cool down with five sets of the following in between: run 1 min @ 8’15 followed by running 1 min @ 8’45 (CP). I found it very difficult to stay in my target pace range. I tend too run to fast…so of course my watch starts beeping indicating that I need to slow down…so I slowed down and then I was running to slow. Maybe with more practice I will have this pace down to a science (fingers crossed).


Wednesday was my last day in Cary and I was really tired, I think the traveling had finally caught up with me. Oh well, it was my last day there and I still needed to run five miles. So I hooked up with the Morrisville crew of BGR! Raleigh (turns out they were right down the street from me…hate I missed them on Monday).


This run was an easy five miles at my CP (8’45).  As you can see by my average pace this was somewhat difficult.  I wasn’t quite sure where I was going so I had to run back towards the crew a few times.  Got directions to run ahead but when I got to the end of the road I wasn’t sure if I was to turn right or left at the next turn, so I hightailed it back to the group.  But they must had turned on another street because I didn’t see anyone.  So I just headed back in the direction I started.  May have increased my pace because I didn’t want the ladies waiting on me or to even be worried that I had gotten lost.  Turns out that we all pretty much finished up around the  same time.  Another good meeting with my sole sistahs of BGR! Raleigh.


Well I made it back home safe and sound Wednesday evening.  Which only meant that I was back to running by myself on Thursday morning.  I decided to go into work late so I could get in a run during the daylight hours.  I wasn’t really looking forward to running that morning because I was tired.  But I did!!!  Got up and headed to Sandhills and did a one mile warm-up and cool down with six 400 m runs at my 5k pace (7’45) thrown in between for a total of five miles.  I did find it hard trying to stay at 7’45 during the sprints because I wanted to run faster (watch kept beeping) but overall I stuck with the pace for the most part.  I do have to remember to come to a complete stop when I’m doing my two minute rest after each interval.  I walked for a min on the 3rd one which increased my overall pace (and you know I’m all about that pace ’bout that pace).  All in all a great workout looking forward to the next one.


I was supposed to ride the bike for 35-45 minutes on Friday but since I knew I was going to be out of town, I decided to do my long run instead.  Woke up and decided to hit the pavement around 5:45 am.  Nothing ever goes as planned.  I planned on doing 10 miles but that didn’t go as planned either.  I was already set to run …jumped out the car and soon as I did…my headlamp goes out.  No bueno, because Clemson Rd. is extremely dark and one needs a light to maneuver that street.   I didn’t want to go back home, because I knew I would have stayed in the house.  So here I am scrambling around in my car looking for change to buy batteries. Well, I found enough #WINNING.  I only ended up doing 7 miles because I actually ran out of time (I spent about thirty minutes looking for change and pricing batteries (running back and forth).  I figured since I didn’t have to work, (last day of work until the new  year (minus me working a couple of days from home) I could just pick up the last three miles before heading to Maryland.

All in all my first week was AWESOME!!!  I felt great during and after each run.  I really enjoyed running in Raleigh and meeting some of my sole sistahs there.  I can’t say it enough… it’s a really great feeling to know that you have someone to run with while visiting other cites.  Looking forward to running in more cities and meeting more of my BGR! sole sistahs.

In other running news:  The BGR! Raleigh Run Coordinator, Emjai, is the Ambassador for the All American Marathon. This was one of the halves that is on my list for 2015. You know I was stoked when she gave me a t-shirt and a discount code!!!  Looks like I’m signing up for the Mike to Mike Half.

I also received my Team Red White & Blue (RWB) t-shirt this week….I will wear the Eagle with pride!!!  ‘Drop down and get your eagle on’…14 - 1 (1)

In non running news:  I went to Cary, NC for SAS training. SAS is a company that many organizations utilize to transform their data into insights that give them a perspective on their business.  I currently work as a Research Database Analyst and was somewhat familiar with the basics of SAS but this class really put it all together for me. Concepts make a lot more sense. I’m looking forward to going back to work and applying what I have learned in just those few short days.

Birthday Surprises

Whose world is this?  Let’s just say what happened in DC needs to stay in DC ;).  My girls (Tenisia and Toya) and I (pictured below) surprised Tosha for her 35th birthday. Big shout out to Tosha’s husband, Diamond, who pulled off a wonderful surprise birthday weekend for Tosha!!!


Being able to hang with the ladies always put me in a good headspace.   Tosha was really surprised and looked like she really enjoyed her weekend.


Toya’s wife Latoyia also joined the party and brought along Saramani for the ride.  Man we all had a blast.  Friends for life!!!


It really sucked that I couldn’t see everybody on this trip but this weekend really was all about celebrating my girl LaTosha!!!  All in all another great week for running in the books and an even better weekend.  Until next time….

DSCN1358 DSCN1360 DSCN1381 DSCN1391 DSCN1409 DSCN1390 DSCN1428 DSCN1429 DSCN1430 DSCN1433


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