Running, Yorkies and Playbills…Finally Race Week is Complete!!!!

Yes I have turned things around and still on my natural high!!! It’s amazing what you can do when you focus and shift your energy.  Well I was supposed to start the week off with a 7 mile run on Monday.  I jumped up, got dressed and headed outside.  I’m ready!!!

photo 3 (1)

Nothing seemed to work for me that morning…

My music wouldn’t start  (I really hate running without music…of course I will continue to run if my music stops because my phone dies…but starting without music…no thanks) and my phone kept timing out (yeah it’s time for a new one…but that watch tho’).  Needless to say this run was going nowhere fast…so I decided to head back inside and get ready for work.   Anyhoo, I figured if I got to work around 8:30 am I would have enough time to get a run in after work before it got dark.  Well, let me just say…I didn’t run after work (you know…I really hate running by myself….but after reading all the post on Facebook Monday evening…I almost picked myself up and headed out the door for a quick run dolo (ALMOST)…but I didn’t).  I did however, get in a lower body workout that evening (I’m doing a 30 Day Full Body Challenge on Facebook for the month of December).

Tuesday morning was much better.  I noticed that when I don’t think about it and just do it…it seems a little easier.  So I jumped up, got dressed and headed for the Sandhills.

picstitch (2)

I arrived twenty minutes earlier ahead of the BGR! group run because I wanted to get in my 7 miles (longest run for the week not counting my half on SATURDAY!!!).  Met up with two of my sole sistahs from BGR! Columbia and we headed out for 3-7 miles that morning (before every run someone always takes a picture of our soles getting ready to pound the pavement).


On Wednesday, I just wanted to take it easy (I was actually still feeling the squats from Monday…geesh) and decided to do a 3 mile walk.  Cooper (my Yorkie) and I headed out to meet a BGR! sole sistah at Summit Pkwy and just walk it out (every time I say  ‘walk it out’ DJ Unk pops in my head…I’m actually saying it in his voice….picture that 🙂 ).  I really enjoyed this walk…it gave me a chance to learn some things about my sole sistah.


There was  a group run posted for Thursday morning but my training plan called for a rest day, so I didn’t get up to run that morning.  I knew with the 30 day challenge I had to at least get a fast mile in, so I decided to run after work.  I did a quick two miles really concentrating on going hard as a mother (H.A.A.M) for at least one of them.  I ran my fastest mile in 7’24.  Not bad!!!


Needless to say, this week has been amazing.  I’m as ready as I’m going to be for my half!!!  You can read all about it here.  I start my training for my next half marathon on Dec 22, 2014.  With this training I’m going to work with a running coach and really focus on form and getting faster.

In other running news:  I sent Brooks an email about my latest pair of running shoes getting a hole in them.  Now mind you, this is my sixth pair of running shoes from Brooks (love them) and I have never had any problems with holes.  I sent them an email back in November and never received a response.  Well, I called them earlier in the week and got sent to several different voice mails.  So what’s a girl to do…..I decided to chat them up (chat option came in very handy).  Customer service informed me that they had closed my ticket without ever resolving it and will be sending me a new pair of shoes.  Happy Happy Happy!!!!

In non running news:  My son performed in his first play on Thursday evening, 12 Angry Jurors.  He really did an amazing job.  The  whole cast did actually.  I was so proud of him.  I really think he has met his calling with acting.  I’m looking forward to seeing him in the big lights one of these days!!!

12 Angry Men Poster allyy


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