Week 2: Not Enough Days In This Week

Running this week was almost non-existent.  Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking.  I haven’t lost my mojo (again/yet).  Very much still dedicated to the sport (YEAH running is a sport).  It just wasn’t enough days in this week… especially with me traveling and the rain (OK, yes I run in the rain but this was a downpour).

Well if you read last week’s post, you probably figured I was traveling back home on Monday from an AWESOME weekend in Maryland.  Needless to say I didn’t get a run in on that day.  Figured I would just do it on Friday since all I had to do was ride the bike.  But things never go as planned (story of my life)….

I had no problem getting up and running on Tuesday.  I headed to the Sandhills to pound the pavement (by myself 😦 ).


The goal for day two was to do a one mile warm-up followed by ten repeats of a one minute run at 8’15 followed by  a one minute run at 8’45 with no rest in between.  This was followed up with a one mile cool down.  I was pretty much all over the place when it came to sticking with the 8’15 pace (will work more on that during week 3).  But overall this was a great run, even with me being tired from traveling and operating on little sleep days prior.

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It rained pretty much all day on Wednesday (again, yes I run in the rain but this was a downpour).  So I just enjoyed hanging in North Augusta, SC and then visiting my niece and nephew in Augusta, GA later that day. Even though I didn’t get a run in, it was great being with family.

Since I was so close to BGR! Augusta, I hooked up with the ladies for an EARLY Christmas morning run.  We  met up at 4:30 am to hit the pavement for 4-7 miles.

5 4

This was a pretty easy run, my goal was to maintain an average pace of 8’45 over 7 miles.  I started out really fast (had to stop to adjust my watch and then tried to catch-up with Gwen (she was moving)).  All in all, I really think I have my conversation pace (8’45) down packed!!! Looking forward to when I can say I have an even faster pace down…baby steps!!!


The weather really shifted on Friday morning, woke up with the temps in the 30’s.  It was really cold but BGR! Augusta helped me stay on task by agreeing to meet up for a run at 6:00 am (I really think the run coordinator Toya wanted to head out earlier 🙂 …so glad she didn’t 🙂 ).


Now you know how I hate running without music.  Well for the life of me I could not get my music to play on my new phone (I’m sure it was operator error).  No sweat, I have a plan and knew it had to get done…so it made running without music easy peasy.  This was a new route for the ladies, which was excellent for me to run my 400 meter splits (I think that’s how you say it 🙂 ).  The goal for this run was to warm-up with a one mile run at my conversation pace (8’45) followed by eight 400 meter runs at my 5k pace (7’45) with a two minute rest (static rest) between each.  I’m sure I was looking crazy just standing still in random spots…but I had to stick to my training plan :).  I felt really great Friday morning and I did a pretty good job at staying at my 5k pace.  I could really feel the last two 400 meter splits (indicated by a slower pace 🙂 ).  But I think this run was a big success overall!! And guess what, as soon as I returned to the starting point my music started playing (go figure LOL).



If you have been following my blog, ‘I’m Running My Life‘, then you know that Saturday mornings are my dedicated (for the most part) long run days.  I’m so glad I was still in the area and was able to get in my last long run of the year with my sole sistahs of BGR! Augusta.  I met up with the ladies of the TurnDownForWhat crew at the Julian Smith Casino in Augusta, GA and we ran down to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion (SRP) trail.


Now this run was quite interesting.  Once again my music didn’t want to play.  Oh well, I had to do what I set out to do…run.  My goal for this run was of course to warm-up at my conversation pace (8’45) followed by running six miles at my half marathon pace (not really sure what that is quite yet, but I told myself I would run between 8’15-8’20).  After my first three miles (including the warm-up), I felt really good and was really hanging with the 8’15 pace.  Then my watch starts going off (beep beep beep)…indicating that I needed to speed up.  So I told myself that I wouldn’t let my pace fall below 8’30 and would let that be my half marathon pace until I can figure it out.  I’m not sure if running the 400 meters at my 5k pace (7’45) the day before played any part of my legs feeling like lead (no excuses).  Oh well, I really just wanted to enjoy my run…and enjoy it I did.  I even stopped to take a picture and to also see if I could get my music to play….I did (#WINNING).  I love running on the SRP trail, it’s very therapeutic.



Not a bad week for running…just wished I had a few more days to add to the week ;).  I really hate when I get off schedule and always try to find ways to make my missed runs up.  But in speaking with my running coach he shared the following with me: “Your life is not running, rather running is a part of your life”.  Now run tell that!!!  I love it….because it is true…’I’m Running My Life…’, so what if I get off track, I just need to ensure that I pick back up where I left off.  Looking forward to week 3…

How do you handle missing set training days?

In non-running news:  I finally got that upgrade.  Yes, being without a phone last weekend led me right into Verizon on my return trip home.  I ended up getting the Droid Turbo.  So far so good!!!


I got a big surprise on Christmas day…I got a Vitamix (finally 😉 )!!!  I knew I was getting a blender, in fact I had settled on the Ninja but ….surprise surprise!!!  Smoothies on deck!!!


On Saturday, my girlfriend and I met up with some of my Make A Wish partners/friends (we all met as volunteers back in 2009) for a night of sipping wine and painting at Van Gogh and Vino in Augusta, GA.   This was a perfect ending to the week.  It is always fun meeting up with old friends.



7 thoughts on “Week 2: Not Enough Days In This Week

  1. dgobs December 29, 2014 / 11:42 am

    Awesome week of training, even if there weren’t enough days in the week! 🙂 I struggle with sticking to training plans, so I tend to miss set training sessions pretty regularly… not something I’m proud of! Anyway, great job, and that paint night painting is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SY December 29, 2014 / 11:59 am

      Thank you… Appreciate the kind words… The paint class was so much fun!!!


  2. Brittany December 30, 2014 / 12:03 pm

    I’m hoping to use my upgrade today! I’ve had it for a couple years now haha. I used to ALWAYS run with music, and swore I wouldn’t be able to run without it. Then I did and I now go back and forth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SY December 30, 2014 / 11:03 pm

      Hey Brittany!!! Did you get a new phone? Yeah now that i have ran twice in a row without music…. I now realize that i can run without it if need be…. Even though i would much rather have sounds pumping :)….


      • Brittany December 31, 2014 / 12:04 am

        Just got the new phone today! Loving it.


      • SY December 31, 2014 / 7:33 am

        Cool…. What did you end up getting?


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