Recovery Week: Just kick it…Just kick it…

Of course I’m channeling my inner Xscape :). My goal for this week was to just kick off my shoes and relax my feet…sounds good ‘ehhh….day one of training commences on Dec 14, 2014. IMG_20141213_014116 Well I did just that on Monday morning (no running). Was able to take my time getting dressed and off to work until….

I went outside to my car and it wouldn’t start (battery…son left all my lights on inside the car the night before 😦 )…it’s too cold for all that!!! Called roadside assistance and they said they would be out within the hour. Got a call about thrity minutes later saying that he was 20 minutes out…ok cool, I can make it to work by 0830. Well what happens next…..he said he called to let me know he was waiting out in the main parking lot and the line was busy….what not my dayum phone again. He informed me that I would have to call roadside assistance again to start the process all over again. Funday Monday!!! So that day started out just great….but I didn’t let that get me down….hakuna matata!!! As I said earlier this was a no run day, but I did get my 100 squats (4×25) in for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet also….no running!!!  A whole five days with no running had me fiending for a run.  I knew I just had to get one in on Saturday.  My plan was to meet the sole sistahs of BGR! Columbia but since I’m heading out of town…I needed to get my car serviced.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and just run Parklane Rd. while I waited on my car to finish.   Despite almost getting hit by a car (twice…even while running in the bicycle lane), I really enjoyed running Parklane…nice out and back route.  I was able to get in a good 5 miles at a pretty decent pace. Not a bad run considering I had not ran all week.  But man was it cold outside (30 degrees).photo 1 parklane

I’m really looking forward to training for my halves in 2015. This week’s break was great but I’m ready to get started again with my training. After I did Ragnar (you can read about it here) earlier this year, I wanted to really focus on form and speed so I found a running coach in the area. Worked with him here and there over the last couple of months (nothing serious) and I did see a lot of improvement in my pace. I have enlisted his expertise again for the upcoming running season and he has me getting on track with my first Mesocycle for the next four weeks. YAY (I think…the training plan doesn’t look too bad though, so I should be fine)!!!!

Girls Night Out

In non running news: I met up with my some sole sistahs of BGR! Columbia for the last meet and greet of the year on Saturday. We met at the Blue Tapas Bar & Cocktail Lounge downtown. We had a great evening talking about RUNNING!!! I enjoyed every minute of it (you know I love to talk about running…every chance I get)…..even have a few more races in mind for next year. 🙂


All in all this was a GREAT recovery week!!!!

Do you have a race coming up, how is the training going?  How do you recover from a race?


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