Tapering and Turkey Day: Week 6

It rained almost all day Sunday, so needless to say I didn’t get my long run in at the start of the week.  I did however, go long on Monday morning.  I woke up without a doubt in my mind that I would go out for a run.  I met up with a BGR! Columbia member at 5:00 am and we headed out for a 12 mile run.  We didn’t quite make the 12 miles but I did get in 11.  Yeah I know I could have stayed a little longer to get in that last mile, but  I was late getting back home to get ready for work.  Hey looks like my energy has turned around…this was a great run!!!


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Another Crappy Week of Running and Food Poisoning: Week 4/5

I ended week 3 stating that I was going to change my energy…in my defense when I wrote week 3,  I was already four days into week 4 (shame on me for back dating the post).  Well I did try to change my energy and woke up Friday morning and hit the pavement with BGR!  Team 5:00  am on the Northeast side.  I got in five miles at a nice pace (8’05) with the ladies.  I really felt great that morning.  Nice little run to prep me for my long run on Saturday.


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Week 3: Another Crappy Week!!!

As you might remember, week 3 started off with me having to do my long run on Sunday.  Yep, started the week off with 14 miles.  The run wasn’t bad but man was it cold out.  Now I’m used to running in cold weather but it has been a minute (actually three seasons ago 🙂 ).   Even with my stank face, I got out there and handled my business.

Screenshot_2014-11-08-06-47-55 photo 1


If I do as well as I did on this run (hills included) I should be just fine with making a PR on my next half. 🙂  Now mind you my goal for my next half is a sub 2:00.



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Week one complete….six more to go……

After my half marathon last week, I figured I might as well sign up for another one.  I even agreed to be a pacer.  Pacemakers are experienced runners tasked to complete the course in a given time (I volunteered for the 2:00 hr pace).  Now mind you I wouldn’t consider myself to be an experienced runner…I’m just someone whom likes to run.  I do however feel as though I can lead runners to the finish line in the allotted time.  My main focus over the next few weeks is to really concentrate on my pacing and not go out to fast or to slow (wish me luck on that one).  I guess  I will also read up on how to be a great pacer (not only for myself but for the runners willing to follow me).

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