Bikini Contest Prep – Weeks 1-2

As you all know, I have been in the running game for quite some time now (not as much lately as before but I still gets it in every now and again).  Well, last March I wanted to help my running by adding some strength training into the mix.  Somehow, I got totally hooked on lifting weights and only ran when I made the time (outside of lifting).  It was also during this time that I met several people in the figure competition world.  I saw that you had to be very disciplined, focused and determined to make that a reality.  I already posses all of those traits, so I said why not give it a try.

So here I am weeks 1-2 giving it a go.

Day 1 Let’s GO!!!!


So I showed up for day one, and of course my coach was late.  Now you should know by now how much I hate tardiness.  I just see it as being unprofessional.  Business owners (myself included) should care enough not to have people waiting on them (now yes, I realize that shit happens and things can’t be helped…that’s an easy pass).  I noticed that most of  his folks are rarely there at 5, so I guess he figured he had some wiggle room…then walks in SY, who thinks that on time is late.  Well, I think I’ve only beaten him there twice (if that) in these last two weeks.  To me, that speaks volumes.  Good thing because he came highly recommended by my homie Woody!!!


I’m training with a champion y’all!!!


Please allow me to introduce you to my coach, Coach Vincent Brihm, 2001 Mr. Georgia and owner of Operation Sweat.  I really like Coach Brihm and the Operation Sweat fitness family.  Coach B, is very knowledgeable and his wall speaks highly of his work; the transformation of his clients are out of this world.  The wall pictures below only shows some of the work he has accomplished by helping people reach their goals.  Hats off to Coach B!!!!

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Going in, I knew I wasn’t pushing my self as hard as I could on my own, so I told Coach that I really needed him to push me. Hey-Hey why you wanna go and do that, do that *in my best T.I. voice*  LOL.  Well, push is what he did and I tell you, I was feeling that ish all that first week.  Coach Brihm introduced me to some new ways of doing things.  He had to show me the ropes for most of the machines.  In fact, a lot of the stuff he had me doing was fairly new to me.  I’m used to free weights but typically shy away from the machines at the gym, unless I’m 100% sure I know how to use them with the correct form.  Well after the first couple of days…I left asking myself one question.

Do I have what it takes?

My legs literally felt like jello after all them dayum lunges, presses, curls, etc. and that was just day two.   When I tell you my legs were spent, man they were spent.  But hey, what doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger!!! Oh well, I wasn’t going to let that get me down, or was I?  Shhyyd, my arms were still on FIYAH from day one, then to go back in on day three with more arm work.  I tell you, I started questioning myself again.  🙂


That evening, I really sat down and questioned if I had what it takes to get this done.  EVERYTHING HURT!!!  I even brought up the conversation with my son.  Am I too old?  Of course he tells me, I can do anything I put my mind to and to stop whining (I swear, he learns from the best #trainupachild 🙂 ).   There is no such thang as too old, right?  Tell my bones and body that.  I mean that first week alone had me feeling every bit of my age.



No pain no gainz right, right?!?  Well, back at it the next day and again…everything on me was like okay SY, it may be time to throw in the towel. Shhyyd, I just got started.  This was just muscle soreness, right?   My muscles have to get used to this type of intensity because as I’ve stated before, I wasn’t going as hard as I should’ve on my own.  When I know better….I what? DO MO’BETTA!!!!


Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a discomfort that usually occurs between 24 and 48 hours after activity. It can be a good indicator that you are exercising at a challenging intensity level.  After a couple of days, the soreness should reduce dramatically. If the soreness peaks a day or two after your workout then gradually begins to decrease, you’re likely in the clear. I hope this clears up sooner rather than later.  Only one way to find out; I have to keep grinding!!!



You know after my first week I had to call in a massage therapist right? YEP.  I needed a deep tissue massage like nobody’s business (well that’s what I was thinking LOL since I never had one before).  So Renées Diamond Touch Mobile Massage came through with the quickness.  She asked me several questions about what my body was going through and we settled on the deep tissue and stretching.  YASSSSS and she came to my house.  #WINNING




Week 2, I felt like new money.  I had checked my emotions (age ain’t nothing but a number) and decided that I’m all the way up!!!! I got this, no holds barred.  Of course I experienced a little soreness this week but nothing like week one, so I’m guessing my muscles just had to take some time to adapt (they were looking out for the big homie; protection at its finest).


I went into week two thinking that I’m about to give this all I have.  My goal for this week was to increase my weight (on some stuff) and the number of reps.  I think I did just that and I am very proud of myself.  My goal for next week is to try to get through my sets at a heavier weight without stopping.

Someone asked me if it was hard working around people that are already competing.  Hell nahhhhh!!!!! When I’m working out, I’m not worried about what the next person can do or if that person is beastin’ out their reps at a heavier weight (because most of all of them in there can out rep me 😉 ).  I applaud them for a job well done.  I only worry about myself and what myself is doing (now if I see someone doing something incorrectly I will give them the heads up, and hope to get that in return).  I’m not the jealous type.  I want us all to win, so best believe I’m cheering for everyBody.  Shhyyd, Coach Brihm has built some beautiful bodies all up in Opeartion Sweat and I tip my hat to those women and men.  I too will get there…all I have is time.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my body transform on this journey, especially with being a plant eater.


So what the heck am I eating?

I received my meal plan on day one and of course it was meat heavy LOL.  So, I just substituted the meats with a plant based protein that was about the same amount of grams.  I.e., for 4 oz chicken, I used seitan (wheat meat; low in fat and carbs) with 21 grams of protein per serving.

seitan strips, white rice (which I think I need to cut out again and go back to brown) and green beans #nomnomnom


The one thing that really scares me about this process is my eating, especially now since I’m trying to live that plant based lifestyle.  I was a pescatarian for a year and a half and decided this year to cut out the eggs (oohh my this was hard) and the fish.  I’m also thinking that eventually, I’m going to have to give up wine (maybe not sooooo much in the beginning but I know as I get closer to the date, it’s a wrap).  With that in mind, I figured I would partake in my last bottle of wine the day (yes, the WHOLE day) before my first day of training (judgement free zone).  I figure if I can fit it in my macros, a glass or two will not hurt me every now and again (especially on high carb days 🙂 ).  I will just cut back when it’s time (or when told to by my coach).

I just want you all to know that I have been to Kroger’s twice without picking up a bottle or two.  #alreadyWINNING



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