Cycle 2: Weeks 1-3: Weathering My Own Storm

Normally after a storm comes the calm.  That wasn’t the case for me over these last few weeks.   What a helluva start to my October and my half marathon training cycle.  If you remember from my last post, Hurricane Joaquin cried down on parts of South Carolina.  The residents are still  trying to get their livelihood back after the storm flooded the area and left many homeless.  Even though I wasn’t affected by Joaquin, this month had me weathering my own storm.  I felt like a huge storm was positioned directly over my head, following me around and soaking me with heavy rain.  Oh, and let’s not forget the lightning.  Every now and again it felt as though I was getting struck, I just couldn’t breathe.

I do know however, that what doesn’t kill me will indeed make me stronger.  We learn and we grow from our past experiences and I plan to take all that has happened and do just that.  I’m also taking the time to pay attention to what my storms may be trying to tell me.


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Cycle 1 Week 4: Recovery in the Midst of Joaquin

As you may be aware, I’m preparing myself to reach a personal record (PR) in the Dallas Marathon in Dec 2015 (I’m doing the half 😉 ).  If you want to catch up on my training over the last three weeks you can check them out by clicking the links below:

Welcome to week 4.  This week was all about recovering.  Before delving into my week of recovery, I want to take some time to discuss the subtle differences between rest and active recovery.

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