Cycle 1 Week 1: Prepping for the Dallas Marathon (Half)

If you read my I’m Back….Deuces Summer blog you would understand how excited I am to get back to what I love; training, running and blogging.

I have really been looking forward to this half marathon training cycle. If you remember last year my goal was to PR for my half in April of 2015. I worked with a coach to help me reach my goal but as you know, things never go as planned. The last week of training, I injured my hamstring. Needless to say I didn’t PR 😦 .

Moving forward, I have decided to work on speed and get back on track with my goal to PR at the Dallas Marathon (Half) in December. I’m going to take the training plan that was created for me for my last half and tweak it here and there.



Week 1: September 7-13, 2015



I really didn’t feel like doing anything.  I had just got back home late Sunday evening from a wonderful weekend celebrating with my family (the Jackson family reunion).  Needless to say, I didn’t make the BGR! Monday morning group run.  Shoot, when I woke up, I was trying to figure out how I could skip Monday all together. I was trying to find ways to switch my weekly schedule up to just run later in the week. I will switch a run/workout around here and there but if I miss something ooh well (my new mantra 🙂 ). This time around I refuse to make up missed runs (I really believe that’s how I injured myself in the first place).

Well, I decided to get my butt in gear and hit the pavement despite how I was feeling. I got up around nine o’clock and made like NIKE (Just Do It!!!).  My mini me even wanted to join me (yeah not what you’re thinking…he rode the bike while I chased him).  Today was the first day of my training and I really felt good.  Right now I’m just focused on getting back on track with my pace and will continue to push myself whenever I see fit.  It’s funny that every now and again, I can still feel my hamstring injury 😦 .  Yeah I know….


Jumped up and headed out to meet my sole sistah Christina for a nice run.  Today was repeats day (even though I did it all wrong LOL).  I was supposed to do 5 repeats (one minute of 8:15 and 8:45 pace respectively) but I did 3 repeats instead.


After work, I got in some strength training with my Columbia Fitness Boot Camp family. As you can see in the picture, I left my shoes at home so I had to work out in my sandals. Oh well, I refused not to get it in.


Today was bike day, yeah I know this is not a recumbent bike but I really wanted to be outdoors.  Riding a bicycle feels so freeing and I love every minute of it.  I even signed up for the Tour de Cure Columbia 2016. Check out my page here and please donate to the cause if you can (you will hear more about my training and the ride as I prepare myself for riding 36 miles :-).


I was also able to get in some strength training after work again today.  Usually we don’t have boot camp on a Wednesday but the way the holiday was set-up 🙂 we had to get it in.  I don’t mind three days of strength training but I do mind three days of strength training back to back OUCH.



The one day of the week I can count on for a run is Thursday!!!  Since becoming the run coordinator for BGR! Columbia, I’m tasked with leading the morning run at 5:00 am every Thursday.  A few of us hit the pavement a little earlier than the scheduled meet-up to get a few more miles in.  My training called for 5 miles at a nice and easy pace and I did just that :-).


You know I had to show my muscles some love again today at boot camp.  Remember what I said about three days of strength training back to back….NOT AGAIN (yeah I said it…I won’t be doing that again LOL).



I didn’t get up to run this morning because I knew I had a race later that evening.  I signed up for the Run for Our Troops 911 5K at the W.M. Rish Riverwalk Park & Amphitheater.  This is an annual event hosted by the Cayce-West Columbia Jaycees.  I love running for a great cause and a portion of the proceeds went directly to Team Red, White and Blue of Columbia.


I wasn’t quite sure how this race was going to go because I was dealing with a massive headache.  My plan going in was just to enjoy the race at my pace and not over do it (had ten miles on the books for Saturday).  I tried to keep up with Omar but he left me in the smoke LOL.  I did manage to run a good race and even finished 2nd in my age group.  Not bad…considering my head.


My BGR! Columbia running family never disappoints.  Eleven sole sistahs showed up at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning for a run up Trenholm road (hills on top of hills).  WINNING   I really wasn’t feeling this long run and knew I was going to take it nice and slow, especially having just ran a race the night before.



I was really looking forward to today!!!!


This week proved to be a great start for my half marathon training.  I realize that I have a lot of work to do if I want to get a PR for my half in Dallas, but I’m prepared to do the work.  As I stated before, I’m really looking forward to getting back on track and on pace (fingers crossed).

Reminder: Race 13.1 Charlotte is September 27, 2015. Will you be there? It’s not to late to register. Use code SY131BA to save 10% off.

What is your next race! How is your training going? Set any goals?


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