Raw Detox: Week 3: Twenty Days and It’s A Wrap

If this is your first time reading one of my detox post, this is my experience of week 3 of a 20 day raw detox.  You can find weeks 1 and 2 below.

Last week of my detox and I must say, this go around, I’m really thinking about changing the way I see food.  I always hear, “if you can do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit”.  Well going without chicken, turkey and fish for twenty plus days (and still counting) straight, let’s me know that I don’t need it in my life or diet.


OK back to this week.  I’m still not so sure about the effects this detox had on my energy.  I know I’m getting older and can’t stay up late to kick it like I used to do but something about being on this detox, this go around, seemed to have changed all that. During the week, I was great and even some nights stayed up a little longer than usual.  I felt awesome the next morning when I didn’t get in bed on time (between 8-9 pm).  I also had enough energy to last me throughout the day when it came to working out.  I was able to run most morning and do boot camp during the evenings.  So maybe there is something to this energy thing.


This week, my meals consisted of smoothies, oatmeal, guacamole, flax seed crackers, fresh cold pressed juices and salads. Ooh the salads.  I did a really good job with staying away from the nut-based recipes this week.


I swear, since being on this detox, I have not looked forward to one weekend (okay  not in the way that you are thinking…I love the weekends but the way mine have been setup lately…I swear).  Lately, I’ve been feeling like my weekends were trying to set me up :-).  Yeah, yeah, I know…only I can let that happen.  Well, I did’t!!!

This weekend, my running buddies, Karen and Yvonne, and I decided to meet up at PF Changs.  This would be our last supper (I’m sure we will see each other again…running does that) together here in Augusta (unless Yvonne is coming in for a visit and/or run).  Yvonne just got orders to Texas and we wanted to get together before she headed out.  I truly can say, running has brought some very cool people in my life for life.  It’s always a great time with these two ladies.  Yvonne is really going to be missed!!!

Yvonne, Karen and I....
Yvonne, Karen and I….

I guess you’re wondering what I ate at PF Changs (maybe not but I’m going to tell you anyway).  Well, since they are not known for their raw cuisine, I had my girlfriend stop by Humanitree and pick me up a couple of kale salads.  WINNING.

Humanitree's Kale Salad
Humanitree’s Kale Salad

We also wanted to get in a last run together in the mean streets of Grovetown.  I met up with the ladies early that Friday morning to send Yvonne off in style.  Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans.  Just a few minutes into our run, the rain came down on us…hard.  Yeah yeah, we run in the rain but the thunder and lightning was not helping the situation.  We ended up only running two and a half miles that morning (had planned on getting in at least 8).  We were joined by the rest of the Grovetown crew, Angel and Ty, and the BGR! Augusta ambassador, LaToya.

Grovetown Gazelle's Representing....
Grovetown Gazelle’s Representing….

Yeah, I know this is a detox post…so I’ll get back to eating.  Well after my run, I decided to hit up Humanitree (I’m telling you if you’re ever in Augusta and like/love vegetarian/vegan then this is the place to be).  I ended up ordering their famous kale salad and unchicken salad.  I left and came back to reorder what I had just picked up (figured since they close early, I could pick up more to have for dinner) to enjoy later in the day.  Again WINNING!!!!


On my way home from Augusta, I hit up Good Life Cafe for some guacamole and chips (very tasty…but the wait may have caused them a customer (yeah right…who am I kidding 😉 ). It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t called my order in thirty minutes ahead of time and didn’t have to come in and wait at least twenty more minutes (not cool).

Good Life and Rawtopian Bliss
Good Life and Rawtopian Bliss

Before making it home. I ended up stopping by Rawtopianbliss. Rawtopianbliss is “a vegan meal service offered through the Supreme Love and Light Natural Path Ministry of Health”.  You can read more about them here.   OooMmmmGgg, why did I have to go and do that (in my T.I. voice).  I ordered the creamy kale salad, though not better than Humanitree’s, but good none the less. This salad was also accompanied by hummus rolls (since I was still eating raw she put mine on lettuce). Let me just say this, I would visit this establishment on the hummus rolls alone. WINNING!!


Even though my detox went well, I was really looking forward to the end of my three weeks.  See, I love eggs (yes that is all).  I must also admit, that this detox was the best to date. Even with it being a great experience, I think next time I’m going to try a different type of detox and compare the two.

Have you tried a detox?  Can you recommend one that is vegetarian friendly?  


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