Mesocycle 4 Week 4: Got Heart?

Just last week, I was saying how I listen to my body.  Boy was I put to the test at the end of this week and it really sucked because race day was in less than a week.  Oh well, my health and well being is much more important than running (did I really just say that, blasphemy).  I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried about running period but especially worried since I knew I had the Rock and Roll (RnR) Raleigh half coming up. I mean just last year two people died during that very race and I think it was heart related. SCARY.

The days leading up to my heart scare:

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Mesocycle 4: Week 2: I’m Feeling Myself….Taper Baby!!!

I must say that this week was pretty bad ass.   I was in taper mode because of my big race at the end of the week.   Palmetto 200, I’m ready for you!!!   I always look forward to the day when I can just take it easy during the week, so you know I was happy to see that taper baby!!!  Easy peasy right…maybe.  You know, I’ve been running now for over two years and I’m still not at the point where it is easy.   I have my moments but as long as I give it my best, I’m good with the outcome, whether I’m feeling it or not.

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