Mesocycle 4: Week 2: I’m Feeling Myself….Taper Baby!!!

I must say that this week was pretty bad ass.   I was in taper mode because of my big race at the end of the week.   Palmetto 200, I’m ready for you!!!   I always look forward to the day when I can just take it easy during the week, so you know I was happy to see that taper baby!!!  Easy peasy right…maybe.  You know, I’ve been running now for over two years and I’m still not at the point where it is easy.   I have my moments but as long as I give it my best, I’m good with the outcome, whether I’m feeling it or not.

On Monday I didn’t run but I did get in a lower body workout (my goal is to build a better lower body 😉 ).   I think I was sore all week from the number of different squats I completed. Oh well no pain, no gains.   Since this week was a taper, I didn’t worry about not running my six miles that morning.   Figured I would get them in one day during the week.   Well you and I both know what happens when I start to ‘figure’ out a backup plan for a missed run.   I usually FAIL.


On Tuesday, I decided to combine my next two runs since they were fairly short in the mileage department.   I headed out about thirty minutes before the group run met up at 5:00 am.


I was able to complete my repeats during the first part of my run before meeting the group.  That run consisted of me doing a one mile warm-up at my conversation pace (8’45), followed by three repeats of three minutes at 8’15 and one minute at 8’45.  I finished that run with a one mile cool down at my CP.


Once the group got there, I took a picture of our soles since my sole sistahs gave me a hard time about doing a face picture 🙂 .


I completed the next run, which was an easy three miler at my CP.  I was able to log a total of 6.5 miles that day.   Not bad considering I didn’t run my six miles the day before.   See it always seem to work itself out. WINNING.


On Wednesday, I met up with my sole sistah Mona, and was able to get in a few more miles of speed work.


My training plan called for a one mile warm-up at my CP, 3 repeats of the following: 800 meter run at my 5K pace (7’45) and two minutes at static rest.  I finished up with a one mile cool down at my CP.   Considering how sore I was from the squats, I actually did pretty good with hitting my 5K pace.


On Thursday, I just wanted to take it easy.   I had five sole sistahs respond to my post saying that they were coming out for the Thursday group run that I lead.


I didn’t want to tax my body too much so I drove over and decided to walk it out.


My week ended short because the Palmetto 200 relay was on Friday.   I should have that blog posted within the next few weeks.   I was a part of an excellent team!!!   Each team member gave it their all and I was so proud to be a part of that!!!   We Run SC rocked the Palmetto 200!!!

Team We Run SC!!!!
Team We Run SC!!!!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  I still have moments where I don’t want to do it (run or workout) or sometimes put off my workout until the next day (and we all know sometimes that day comes and goes without me doing a darn thing).  It happens and I recognize that but I’m determined and focused so I push through to get it done or pick myself up when I have fallen.   And you can too.   Happy training folks!!!

What are some races you are currently training for?


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