Runway Run 5K- November 22, 2014

On Saturday I ran the Runway Run 5K in Columbia, SC.  Since this was the final runway run at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE), I just had to check it out.  This run allowed us to actually run down the airport’s runway, beginning and ending at the airplane hangar.  This year the Runway Run partnered with USO as the charity beneficiary.  Having served in the military myself I was happy to know that funds were supporting a great organization.   Since I didn’t run my long run earlier that morning, I was ready to meet up with the ladies of BGR! Columbia and run the runway on fresh legs!!!!

photo 1

The morning started out very cold, almost 35 degrees, but that didn’t prevent BGR! Columbia from showing up and showing out.  It was a BGR!!! takeover at the CAE!!!!

photo 3 (2)

My plan for this race was to just hurry up and finish.  And finished I did. I did set my eye on this one lady from the very beginning and tried to catch up with her throughout the race.  I was right on her tail at the last turn but I decided to run the race correctly (no shade) and not cut in front of the cones.  In her (and everyone else’s) defense, there was no one present to tell us to go around the cones (one of the ladies in front of me ran around them so I just followed suit).  I also remembered looking at the race course and it had us going around the cones as well.  Needless to say I didn’t catch up with  her but I was only behind her by 5 seconds when crossing the finish line (that’s her in the picture bent over as I pass by). Now I normally never do that…I’m all about my race my pace but she was getting it and I wanted to take her down (in Ragnar terms: I was going for the kill).   I crossed the finish line at 24:11, my best 5K to date.


With a 7’47 pace, I actually placed in this race.  I won an award for second place in my age group (35-39).  I was really excited about that….I never go into a run expecting to win anything so to actually place really made this race memorable.  Now mind you I didn’t win any fancy bling (race directors should consider giving medals to winners for 5K races since most runners like to run for bling) but I did walk away with a coozie.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it since I don’t drink beer or soda.

picstitch (1)

I really enjoyed being with the ladies of BGR! Columbia.  We met up, warmed up with some cool moves from MB Fitness and cooled down with a couple of line dances.  Thanks to Dwan, Penelope and Shonta’ for most of the pictures (if I’m missing someone please blame my head and not my heart).

photo 4 danc photo 1 (2)


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