Mona P.

“If you would have asked me 3 years ago if I would be running a half marathon I would have laughed and called you crazy. After a year of walking and running with BGR, I was ready to set new goals and I remember Coach Sy posting that she would be willing to help train and complete a half marathon with someone. I didn’t reply to the post right away because I was still contemplating whether or not I wanted to take on a challenge that big. While training with BGR I noticed the dedication, compassion and commitment Coach Sy showed to her own training. She was always looking out for everyone and encouraging us all no matter how fast or slow we were moving (And yes I was always at the back of the pack). After mentally committing to the challenge I located and replied to her post and we were off from there.

During the 10 months of training, Coach Sy challenged me and helped me to gain the confidence in knowing and realizing that all things are possible if you put the work in. She was always there when I had questions and always pushing me on days I didn’t want to move. With every workout it pushed me to want and do more. She was always checking my form and breathing and providing techniques I could use to improve. I use to think running in the rain, cold or at 3:30 am was crazy but when your schedule calls for a workout you have to be willing to make the sacrifice. I found myself doing many things I thought I could never do and I am grateful for them all.

I am tremendously grateful for the expertise, patience, and genuine kindness Coach Sy showed me. Her knowledge of mental preparedness and good physical form, along with so many helpful hints on how to accomplish the long distance race, crossing one hurdle at a time, has been an invaluable tool. I was able to complete my first half marathon and set several PRs and without training I don’t believe I would have made the commitment on my own. I lost over 50lbs, lowered my AC1, managed my migraines, found a new love in working out (just not everyday) and not to mention the friends and workout divas I gained throughout my journey.

If you are looking for someone to push you to reach your goals then Coach Sy is the right fit for you. I am not saying it will be easy but the results will be worth it. The greatest gift Coach Sy offers is her total attention. When she’s running next to you her focus is totally on you as a runner. Listening to your concerns, helping you sort out the issues related to physical pain or pre-finish line exhaustion, her ability to enter your world and be present to your goal of being the best runner you can possibly be, are qualities any runner would want in their coach. Her passion for running and coaching is contagious. So, what are you waiting for?” -Mona