Raw Detox: Week 1: Going Nuts For Raw and Talking Shit (Literally)

Hello you!!! Thanks for stopping by.  Well I’m starting my 20 day full body cleanse (again).  This will be my third time doing the detox and I decided to document my full-body detox as I go through the process.  This detox requires you to do a raw diet and drink alkaline water for twenty days.

Why did I choose to do the full body cleanse the first time:

Well it had been on my radar for years.  I had been doing a lot of research on the topic and hearing great things about doing a cleanse.  So, last year around June I said why not.  I had really been on a health kick for the last few years by watching what I ate and exercising (running) on an almost daily basis.  I wanted something to jump start my insides…because they are just as important as the outside.   I went to my doctor to see if it was okay to start the cleanse and she felt like it was fine.  She did a full blood work up and about a week later my results came back.

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