Finding Balance Week 3: Failing…Yet Still Winning

When you fail to plan you plan to fail.  As you may have read in week 2, I had my scheduling down to a science when it came to working out and eating.  This week my plans for that weekend got in the way.  I really enjoyed my weekend tho’…hanging with Veronica in Atlanta (so I guess having a bum week was all worth it in the end).

I just LOVE backseat drivers....
I just LOVE backseat drivers….


Welp, I didn’t get home until late on Sunday (well 6:00 pm) so I  wasn’t able to meal prep like I should have. I didn’t even take time the to figure out what days I would be incorporating my 2adays.  Needless to say, my schedule was all out of whack.  But I had an amazing time in Atlanta, GA (yeah I’m probably going to say it at least one more time).  The only thing for sure was boot camp on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and also meeting the ladies for a walk/run on Thursday morning.  The rest of my schedule was a fly by the day kind of thing (which sucked).  I think I was late to work twice this week 😦 (bummer).


Strength Training

Ready for boot camp....
Ready for boot camp….

Boot camp consisted of lateral raises, bench presses, upright rows, shoulder presses and some time on the bike.  Since it was only four of us in class that day, Mike had two of us going through the circuit while the other two were riding the bike (alternating from level 1 to level 3).  After three rounds at each circuit we would switch with the ladies on the bike.  Afterwards we finished the class up with some ab work (OUCH).


After boot camp, I decided to head down to the riverfront to meet my BGR! sole sistahs for a nice three mile run. Felt great during the run but after it was said and done, I knew I wasn’t ready. Guess I’m just going to continue walking until this hammy heals COMPLETELY 😦 .

BGR! C olumbia Riverfront
BGR! Columbia Riverfront



I tried SWEAT again and it was a WIN!!! The instructor was very friendly and really came over to make sure I had every thing set up correctly.  I think instructors can make or break a class and she certainly made that one.  She told me not to worry if I couldn’t hang, just focus on the movements and try to stay with the cadence.  I’m not sure if it was ‘her’ but I was hanging in there with this class.  Guess who loves cycling NOW…this woman here!!!


Strentgh Training

Ken had us warm up on the bike for a few minutes (yes my legs were screaming LOL) and then it was circuit time.  Of course our focus was on the lower body.  I think I’m going to get enough of doing my spinning class on leg days.  I hear it builds character and no pain no gain…..well I’m not so sure about the gains right now…but that pain is off the chain.  We did plenty of squats, lunges, running on the box and some more stuff (can’t think of it right now…guess that’s what happens when I play catch up on my blogs).






Met up with my sole sistahs for a nice run/walk.  One of the sistahs is doing the walk before you run program and had to do intervals, so I did them with her.  Funny how I didn’t have any problem with my hammy during that bout (going to try to run again my next time out).

BGR! Columbia Valhalla
BGR! Columbia Valhalla

Strength Training

Today’s class was awesome.  This was the first time that I torched more calories than I’m used too 🙂 in a session.  I guess the magic number for today was ’40’. I really enjoyed going at our own pace just as long as we pounded the exercises out with the correct form. I’m really starting to enjoy the Thursday class over the rest 🙂 .




Got up and headed back downtown to JSweat for a Go HAM spinning class (WOW SWEAT 2X this week…WINNING).  The music was out of this world (Hip Hop).  I really feel like I’m getting into the swing of things and look forward to continuing to ride at least once a week.



Even though I didn’t plan out my meals (and it was a struggle most days), I was still able to meet most of my workout goals.  For me, planning ahead of time works best. I’m not going to cry myself a river because I didn’t execute a plan this week.  I will just do better next week. Overall, I still had a pretty good week and my weekend was out of this world 🙂 (told ya…one more mention of a GREAT weekend 🙂 ).

I tell you one thing though, I’m really looking forward to sitting down this weekend and planning the week ahead out.  I just work better that way 🙂 .

Do you plan your week out?  What about meal prep?  Workout prep?  If so do you find it to be helpful?


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