Race 13.1 Evans, GA – April 26, 2015

Race 13.1 is the southeast’s premier half marathon series that spans over 20 counties in 7 states in the southeast”.  This was the first year for Race 13.1 in Evans, GA.  Since this race took place right down the street from where I used to live in Georgia, I just had to be there!!!  I was really surprised with the turnout; there wasn’t that many people there for the event (no joke, had I been on my A game, I could have finally placed in a half marathon 🙂 (yeah I said it LOL).  Since Augusta, GA is known as the home of the “Godfather of  Soul”,  James Brown, and only a short distance from Evans, it only seemed fitting for the theme of the race to be ‘I Feel Good’.



The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Augusta, Ga was the charity partner for Race 13.1 Evans.  “RMHC is a non-profit corporation that creates, finds and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta is a comprehensive program of RMHC and provides temporary housing for families who travel to Augusta to receive critical medical treatment for their children”.

Packet Pick-up

Nothing really exciting to report about packet pick-up.  It was located inside of Fleet Feet Sports in Augusta, GA.  Runners had from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm to pick up their race packets the day before the race.  They also had an early Sunday morning pick-up near the start and finish line.  I love when race directors think about those folks that can’t make packet pick-up during the hours before a race.  It also turned out that Race 13.1 had a mini expo set up after the race.

I hate that I didn’t fill out my post survey (time had really been getting away from me…or was it the fact that I had to high tail it to MD soon after my race…..probably the latter LOL).  My girl Tenika (in the picture below) filled out her survey and was one of the two lucky winners that won a free race entry to another Race 13.1 half marathon.  AWESOME.

Tenika!!! Winner Winner
Tenika!!! Winner Winner


That evening I met up with my BGR! Augusta, Grovetown crew for dinner at Carrabba’s.  It was a blast being with Karen and Yvonne.  If you remember from my interview, I used to chase Karen all over Grovetown when I first started running.  I was able to sit down and interview her as well during this dinner (should be posted soon).  The crew was back together again, minus one.  We were definitely missing our infamous run coordinator, Sha’ron (talking about dedication…she was always ready to go even when she didn’t want to).

Karen, Yvonne and I
Karen, Yvonne and I

Per usual, I got my stuff all ready the night before the race and laid every thing out for in the morning.  I was partially ready to run Race 13.1 Evans.


Let the Running Begin

The night before, I really couldn’t sleep.  I’m not sure if I was worried about how I would perform during the race or what.   I was up three hours prior to me leaving out of the house.  You know I’m usually always nervous before a race but this time my nerves were in overdrive.  I was still hurting (was still feeling hamstring pulled earlier in the week 😦 ) from running the Heart & Sole Women’s Five Miler the day before.  I headed out to meet the ladies around 6 am.  Welp, I was ready as I could be at that point.

Ready as I could be....
Ready as I could be….

I met up with my Grovetown crew and my sole sistah and Team Red White and Blue (RWB) member Tenika at the starting line.  BGR! Augusta member, Anissa, spotted us and we were all able to get in a group picture before the race.


This half was a big deal for me. My last half (Rock and Roll Raleigh), I was so much in my head thinking I was having a heart attack (yes right there on the course) that I slowed down my pace tremendously.  With a clean bill of health (again), yes my ultrasound and CT came back clean, I refused to be in my head for this race.  But my hamstring tho’ (OUCH)…I was really starting to feel like the “Race Gods” were against me…SMDH.   I was determined to start and get to the finish by any means necessary.  YES, I do listen to my body and when she felt as though she couldn’t take any more, I fell back to give her a moment or two or three (and that was really hard).

Normally I wouldn’t recommend running with an injury.  But, I’m glad I went out and gave it all that I had.  This wasn’t my best time (duhh) but this was truly one of my BEST half marathons EVER.


I really got to just enjoy the race, the course, and the runners.  I don’t think I have ever ran a race and just really talked to runners while actually running, other than ‘good job’ here and there.  Folks were running by asking if I was ok (guess I could’t get around the limping at times).  I chatted it up with a Team RWB member (she wasn’t wearing her shirt but spotted mine).  I even talked to a lady that was just out on her morning stroll.  When I passed her on the way back she shouted out that my leg must be feeling better and to get it!!!  🙂 .  I also qualified as a half fanatic with this race (two halves within 16 days).


The best part of this race was being able to finish it out with my sole sistah Karen and having Yvonne meet us both at the top of the hill to run us in.

We did it...
We did it…

I was also able to enjoy the post race photo ops with my sole sistahs ( I’m usually gone by then LOL).

I’m going to take two weeks and try to give my hamstring a little break (hope it doesn’t take any longer than that).  After my two week hiatus, I’m going to go into into maintenance mode (about 15-20 miles per week) until I am 12 weeks out from my next half in Sept (wish me luck, because that it easier said than done)….

For a split second I almost started beating myself up but then I looked at all the positives of this race and realized today I celebrated the finish line not the finish time!!!


I really enjoyed running this race and would highly recommend it.  You know I don’t like repeating races but since this was not my best performance, I can see myself doing this race again next year.  The course was nice and easy with just a few rolling hills thrown in here and there.  I had ran part of the route several times with BGR! Augusta, so I was very familiar with part of the course.  Even though I didn’t agree with the type of post race snacks; Cheetos (my weakness), pizza, chips and candy bars, there was plenty to choose from.  Of course they had water and bananas (yes, I had one or at least I grabbed one) but after seeing all that junk food how could one resist…especially after just finishing the half.  I had a slice of cheese pizza and grabbed a bag of Cheetos for later 🙂 .


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