Mesocycle 3: Week 1: Getting Back to the Basics

OK, so you know how I was bragging (yeah let’s just call it what it was) in my post from last week about having my conversation pace (CP) of 8’45 reevaluated 🙂 .  I felt like, since I really had that pace down pack that maybe it was time for a readjustment. Well, let me just say I need to go have several seats. This week running at my CP was very…


Rise and grind!!! On Monday, I met up with BGR! Columbia sole sistah, Shawnna, for an easy 6 mile run on the Pkwy.

Shawnna and I ready to pound the Pkwy!!!
Shawnna and I ready to pound the Pkwy!!!

Shawnna and I met up a few minutes ahead of the group to get our mileage in for that day.  There was nothing easy about this planned easy six miler at my CP.  My legs felt extremely heavy.  One thing I was reminded of quickly on this route were the hills.  The hills on the Pkwy could give the MCG Long Run hills a run for the money.  Note to self: the Pkwy is made for hill training 🙂 .  Looks like I need to get back on track with meeting BGR! Columbia on Mondays.


This year I also want to focus on more (meaning consistent) strength training.   With that in mind, I decided to look into a group fitness class in my area.  I came across BodySmith Fitness and decided to sign up for a free workout on Monday evening.  When I arrived that evening, I was greeted by a couple of members that just finished the last class. Now, initially I thought that they must be new also (yeah I know never judge a book by its cover).  In talking with the members I discovered that they had been going to BodySmith Fitness for over a year.  I’m not trying to bag on anyone but if I’m going to pay that much money to become a member, I need to be able to look at other members and tell that they had been training for over a year (I’m just saying).


Turns out I was the only one present for the 7:30 pm class (go figure). Well, I wasn’t going to let that deter me from getting my workout on.  And workout it was.  Mike, the trainer, really put it on me that evening.  I was sweating like I had ran 20 half marathons (you all know I’m not about that full marathon life just yet, so I’m OVER exaggerating).  The workout lasted 45 minutes and consisted of four sets of various exercises at different stations setup throughout the gym. I bet you money I did over 200 squats that evening (okay maybe not 200 but I’m sure it was close). The only thing I didn’t like about the whole setup was that they didn’t take the time to ensure the customer got in a proper stretching after the workout.  Needless to say, I forgot about stretching once I got home and paid for it the next day.  If I was to pay for a membership, I would definitely want a full hour to include stretching (properly servicing the customer should be a must). I mean really, what if I was new to all that fitness jazz and had no idea on how to stretch.  I think they are doing a disservice to charge all that money and not take the time to incorporate stretching into their workout regime.   But hey no need for me to complain….I’m not a member 🙂 .  Day one down and I was looking forward to trying them out the rest of the week (for free).

Me ready to get my workout on....
Me ready to get my workout on….


On Tuesday, I planned on meeting BGR! Columbia but the weather had other plans. I woke up and was about to get dressed but the rain was coming down so HARD.  Once again the rain kept me from heading out for my early morning run but I did manage to hit the pavement after work (yeah surprise surprise).  I ended up going over to the Riverfront to complete my repeats.

Selfie at the Riverfront...
Selfie at the Riverfront…

My run consisted of a one mile warm-up, followed by three five minute repeats at an 8’15 pace, ending with a one mile cool down.  Man, that run was very difficult.  My legs felt very heavy and on top of that, I was still sore from last night (must do a better job at stretching). I’m really not sure how I got through that workout but I managed to get it done (even if I had to repeat a repeat 😉 ).


On Wednesday, BGR! Columbia posted an unofficial run which really made my day. I knew I had to get in 7 miles and doing it with a group was much easier than going at it alone. Since our group runs are normally 50 minutes, I decided to head out earlier than our normal meet time.


I was able to get in 2.5 miles before meeting the group at 5:10 am.  Made it back in time to get a picture of our soles before heading out.  Brenda, Mona, Tammy and I got in 3-7 miles that cold morning (I snapped a face picture but the way my phone was setup (operator error) it didn’t come out 😦 ).

Ready, set, run.....
Ready, set, run…..

For me, that run was supposed to be an easy 7 mile run at my CP, but in the beginning, I really struggled with staying at my CP.  I think I was still feeling leg day from Monday :0 (ok it wasn’t really leg day but it sure felt like it with all those squats).  I ended up finishing strong and having an average pace at my CP.


Later that evening, Diallo and I headed over to BodySmith Fitness to get in a workout. I really wanted Diallo to check out the group training to see if it was something he would like to do together (we’re looking for a fit family you know).  The workout that day was no where near as intense as the workout on Monday (which was good for Diallo but a bummer for me because I had high expectations) but it still was a good workout.  When we left that day , I knew we would not be returning.  But we had a ball!!!

Allo and I put in work at BodySmith Fitness....
Allo and I put in work at BodySmith Fitness….

I got up on Thursday and decided that I was just going to take half a day of leave and off all day Friday.  So of course I figured I would just run once I left work that afternoon but I wasn’t feeling well.  Felt like I was coming down with a cold and my throat was very sore. Come to think about it, my son had the same symptoms earlier in the week (that child and his germs).  Ok, anytime I feel like I’m getting sick I take a shot of apple cider vinegar with a dash of cayenne pepper and honey.  I thought this concoction would ward off the bad spirits (germs) that were trying to invade my body this week.  MAJOR FAIL….I wasn’t really thinking, but vinegar and cayenne pepper for a sore throat (come on now)….I couldn’t even catch my breath afterwards. I really had to make myself calm down and figure out how not to die because I couldn’t breathe (I LOL now but I really thought I was a goner…never doing that again). I painted that pretty picture to let you know that I didn’t get my Thursday repeats or my Friday bike ride in 🙂  (but I’m sure you figured that already).


I also didn’t go long on Saturday (still feeling ill) but I did go long on a Sunday with my run buddy Yvonne.

We are run buddies for life....
We are run buddies for life….

Anytime I head down to Augusta, I know I can count on my run buddy Yvonne (if she is in town) to run with me.  Well she was heading out of town on Saturday but was good for a meet up on Sunday.  No problem…I’ll just switch my long run to Sunday and take a much needed rest day on Saturday (as I said I still wasn’t 100% so the rest was appreciated).  We met up on Sunday morning at 6:00 am.  It was dark and cold (very cold out) but we set out to get our 12 mile run on.  I had been noticing Yvonne’s pace improving over the last few weeks and was really looking forward to running with her.  This was a great run….Yvonne was right there with me throughout the run.  I’m so proud of her and the hard work that she has been putting in towards her training.  GO YVONNE!!!


Even though I got sick near the end of the week…this week was amazing.   Moving forward, I’m going to incorporate more strength training into my weekly training schedule.  One week down and three more to go in Mesocycle 3!!!

How often do you incorporate strength training into your schedule?  Do you notice a difference in your running?


3 thoughts on “Mesocycle 3: Week 1: Getting Back to the Basics

  1. Brittany February 19, 2015 / 11:39 am

    OMG I totally pictured you drinking that concoction. I may have laughed out loud…because I’ve done that too. Hope you’re feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SY February 19, 2015 / 4:47 pm

      Yeah I LoL after I was able to catch my breath ;). Thanks Brittany, still not feeling better…. been down all week and that has been really hard :(….. Hope to at least get a long run in on Saturday…fingers crossed.


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